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›› Properties and application characteristics of molybdenum and molybdenum alloys
›› Titanium metal art jewelry, "Couture" new fashion
›› China has broken through the 3D printing technology of high-temperature resistant titanium alloy above 600℃, which will be applied to a certain type of aircraft
›› Classification and manufacturing methods of titanium alloys
›› Study on improving fatigue life of Nitinol alloy material
›› Zirconium alloy used in cutting tools is one of the radionuclides used in atmospheric experiments of nuclear weapons
›› The application of titanium in China
›› Researchers at Xi 'an Jiaotong University have cracked the riddle of the brittle niobium oxide core cubic metal
›› Corrosion characteristics of titanium equipment
›› All - sea deep manned submersible titanium alloy manned module through acceptance
›› The commonly used titanium alloy fasteners in aerospace industry mainly include rivets, bolts and special fasteners
›› Titanium alloy industry development direction
›› Characteristics and application of tantalum niobium materials
›› Break up foreign monopolies! China has for the first time achieved its own large-scale production of advanced nuclear-grade zirconium materials
›› Titanium alloy fasteners have great potential in aerospace applications
›› Titanium industry: only innovation can have a future
›› Processing and finishing of aero titanium integral disc
›› The common form of corrosion in titanium alloys
›› Molybdenum products in the iron and steel industry role, not than general!
›› Heat treatment of titanium tube
›› Application of titanium and titanium alloy in aviation and aerospace
›› Technical parameters of zirconium
›› There will be new standards for tungsten
›› Tungsten alloy penetrator
›› Tungsten alloy application
›› Tungsten alloy
›› Application of titanium alloy spring
›› Boeing is using more titanium and carbon fibre materials in its aircraft
›› Application and development of titanium and titanium alloy ceramic technology
›› Application status of titanium alloy in Marine industry
›› Analysis of medical titanium alloy wear resistance patent application
›› Corrosion protection application of titanium alloy in power industry
›› Advantages and applications of medical titanium alloy in medical device manufacturing
›› Titanium alloy major
›› Scientists have grown periosteum on titanium implants to help treat bone damage
›› Titanium is in demand in the field of ocean engineering
›› High temperature titanium alloy for aero engines
›› Aircraft structure titanium alloy material
›› Resistance welding of titanium and its alloys
›› LPW technologies and global advanced metals group limited (GAM) announced a cooperation agreement to further verify the nodularization of tantalum metal powder for 3D printing of metals
›› Analysis of trade flow of tungsten products
›› China exports tungsten products
›› China's zirconium reserves low grade difference, extremely dependent on external imports
›› The secret to making titanium alloy brittle
›› Our country niobium iron production in an awkward situation
›› Why does China belong to a country with scarce zirconium resources?
›› Porous tantalum bone filler will be approved for sale at a 30% discount to imported products
›› Tantalum and niobium provide highly biocompatible alloys for medical applications
›› China's independent research and development of porous tantalum materials to the international advanced level
›› The extraction process of titanium alloy is complex and the processing and welding technology requirements are very high
›› Argon arc welding technology for titanium alloy TA15
›› Application Prospect of Niobium in Cast Iron
›› Effect of Nb on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Supercooled Gray Cast Iron
›› Advantages of titanium alloy
›› Basic properties of zirconium alloys
›› Dental applications of titanium and titanium alloys
›› Application of titanium in transplantation
›› New USES for titanium
›› Shaanxi nonferrous gold molybdenum group has successfully produced 5 tons of large-specification high quality molybdenum plate
›› Breaking the foreign technology monopoly, China realizes the mass production of G6 generation of supersized molybdenum target materials for semiconductors
›› Application progress of titanium alloy precision thermoforming technology in aerospace
›› Why titanium household products are so "noble"
›› Aero engine made of titanium alloy
›› Domestic production of third-generation nuclear - grade zirconium alloy pipes has been realized in China
›› Properties and application characteristics of molybdenum and molybdenum alloys
›› Molybdenum: from nutrient solutions to strategic metals
›› Demand for zirconium, a rare metal, is growing as nuclear power grows
›› Types of refractories for precision casting of zirconium alloys
›› Distribution and production of tantalum and niobium resources worldwide
›› How was tantalum discovered
›› For the first time, China has realized the industrial scale production of advanced nuclear zirconium alloy materials
›› Chinese titanium alloy printing technology surpasses Europe and America
›› Demand for titanium alloys is expected to rise sharply in military aircraft
›› What is titanium alloy?
›› The Chinese market has become an important part of the global titanium market
›› Welding technology of niobium and stainless steel
›› Porous tantalum bone filler material has been approved for market in China
›› Tantalum and niobium industry in China
›› Main application fields of tantalum and niobium
›› Carbide Alloy
›› Characteristics and applications of tungsten, pincers, tantalum, niobium and precious metals and their alloy
›› Preparation and editing of niobium alloys
›› Global niobium consumption will increase by 25% in 2018
›› The present situation and application of niobium resources in China
›› Niobium and tantalum -- twin brothers in metals
›› The tungsten market still faces many challenges and risks
›› High temperature material tungsten alloy
›› The properties of ferromolybdenum
›› Development of tungsten and molybdenum
›› Properties of commonly used molybdenum alloys
›› Development status of molybdenum resources in China
›› The effect of molybdenum on living things
›› Molybdenum is a versatile metal
›› Rare metal tungsten in national defense weapons and equipment
›› The tungsten market still faces many challenges and risks
›› Review of tungsten market and outlook for 2019
›› Introduction of world tungsten concentrate output and China tungsten concentrate output
›› Luoyang molybdenum industry leads the industry development
›› The whole-process control technology of ammonia pollution in tungsten and molybdenum metallurgy is a good news for tungsten and molybdenum enterprises
›› China semiconductor used G6 super large molybdenum target material to break the technology monopoly of foreign countries
›› Preparation of new high strength and high toughness molybdenum alloy and its key technology of oxidation prevention
›› The patented technology of zirconium and hafnium separation leads the upgrade of national high-end manufacturing industry
›› Nuclear restart and explosion of domestic nuclear zirconium market
›› The first batch of CF3 nuclear fuel assemblies N36 zirconium alloy tubes and bars were successfully developed
›› Difference between zirconia ceramics and metal materials in elasticity and deformation
›› Zirconium titanium ore domestic demand is huge who will become the next industry giant?
›› Brenner zirconium titanium project successfully reached production
›› Global molybdenum production statistics and market status analysis
›› Tungsten copper alloy production process
›› Ukraine has grown the world's largest sample of tungsten and molybdenum single crystal
›› Geological prospecting in luoyang has yielded fruitful results and many new deposits of tungsten and molybdenum have been discovered
›› New nano-ceramic reinforced high performance tungsten molybdenum alloy research and development
›› Solve a variety of titanium alloy parts processing problems need sharp tools to help
›› Guangdong new tungsten and tin deposit tens of billions of potential value
›› Domestic top titanium production enterprises in hami put into trial operation
›› South Korea has successfully developed the rolling technology of high strength and high formability pure titanium sheet
›› The second meeting of the organizing committee of the 17th titanium and titanium alloy academic exchange conference was held
›› Special properties of nickel-titanium alloy
›› Data show that "three titanium" is increasingly used in aviation manufacturing
›› Titanium alloy screw strength grade
›› Application progress of titanium alloy precision thermal forming technology in aerospace
›› Shanxi baoji high-tech zone: "China titanium valley" green path to accelerate the transformation
›› The development of titanium welded tubes in China
›› China has developed a new single crystal material of titanium and aluminum
›› Application prospect of titanium nanomaterials in ship coatings
›› What problems still exist in titanium alloy?
›› A new type of high temperature resistant titanium alloy blade made in China has been tested
›› Jingmo group has successfully developed 8 m long seamless molybdenum alloy thin-walled tube
›› New nano-ceramic reinforced high performance tungsten molybdenum alloy research and development
›› High strength titanium alloy sheet is formed at room temperature
›› Ship ocean space is vast, or will become the next blue sea of demand
›› With the rapid development of China's aviation industry, high-end titanium material will meet the demand dividend cashing period
›› 2018 titanium industry overall recovery
›› What is the status of China's titanium alloy aviation material development in the world? What are the gaps and deficiencies? What are the difficulties in the current development?
›› The innovation of separation method of zirconium and hafnium is the world leading level
›› Global niobium consumption will increase by 25% in 2018
›› Nuclear fuel elements can be replaced with new materials
›› China has for the first time realized industrial scale production of advanced nuclear zirconium alloy materials
›› New titanium alloy materials stimulate the vitality of aviation industry
›› Breakthroughs have been made in the research and development of high strength and toughness porous titanium alloy artificial bone materials
›› Summary and market situation analysis of China's tungsten industry in the first half of 2018
›› Analysis of trade flow of tungsten
›› Analysis of China and global tungsten trade situation
›› Application of high specific gravity tungsten alloy in shielding parts
›› Tungsten alloy steel is the most important application for national defense
›› Domestic cemented carbide high-end manufacturing capacity is insufficient
›› Competition for tungsten resources and deep processing is becoming increasingly fierce
›› China's tungsten processing industry will accelerate the adjustment of products to high-end development
›› Operation of tungsten industry from January to November 2018
›› Statistics of China's import and export of tungsten products in October 2018
›› Jiangfeng tungsten molybdenum first set of large size ultra high purity molybdenum target successfully offline
›› The 8th academy of aerospace science and technology breaks through the laser welding technology of titanium alloy structural parts
›› 2018 titanium industry overall recovery
›› Development of molybdenum alloy cladding materials in xintiandi nuclear power development
›› Nuclear power can promote the wide space of nuclear grade zirconium sponge market
›› The first batch of N36 zirconium alloy tubes and bars for nuclear use of China's self-owned brands were delivered in xi 'an
›› We will encourage and support the economical and intensive development of tungsten resources and the recycling of waste tungsten
›› China's tungsten industry facing challenges
›› Export growth of tungsten products slowed down and remained high
›› Niobium rf superconducting cavity with high RRR value (residual resistivity) has been industrialized in ningxia
›› General situation of application of domestic medical titanium alloy
›› Application of medical titanium alloy abroad
›› Demand for medical titanium alloy implants is strong
›› Application and corrosion protection of titanium alloy in ships
›› Breakthroughs have been made in the research and development of strong and flexible porous titanium alloy artificial bone materials
›› Large 3D printing titanium alloy complex parts trial production success
›› Application of titanium in deep sea aviation field opens
›› Application of ultra-high purity titanium
›› Research progress of titanium implant surface coating
›› Laboratory tungsten powder crushing classification with small nitrogen - protected airflow crusher!
›› Research progress of titanium implant surface coating
›› Analysis of China's tungsten production statistics and development prospect part 2
›› The most promising industry for the next decade: nonferrous metals
›› Analysis and prospect of tungsten market
›› Benefits of tungsten enterprises continue to improve
›› Domestic tungsten market price
›› The amount of exported tungsten products remained increasing while the amount of imported tungsten products remained stable
›› China molybdenum resources distribution
›› China's three-generation nuclear grade zirconium alloy pipes to achieve localization
›› General situation of titanium production and military application
›› Analysis of titanium equipment effect: titanium and gas reaction can produce brilliant effect
›› Our country independently creates the titanium powder low cost production equipment
›› Kunming steel and Russia signed a titanium alloy cooperation agreement
›› A large size single crystal culture method has been developed in Ukraine
›› The proportion of modern aircraft titanium is increasing
›› A large size single crystal culture method has been developed in Ukraine
›› "China titanium valley" "accelerates green transformation
›› Technological countermeasures to improve tool durability and machining efficiency
›› Cutting characteristics of titanium alloy materials
›› 3D printing complex titanium alloy inserts: challenge the status of traditional processing methods
›› Health care spending, surgical demand increased mapping shape memory alloy market growth
›› The mature cost of titanium alloy technology for airborne vehicle is low
›› The largest turbine titanium alloy casing in China has been successfully developed
›› Fushun special steel provides titanium alloy material for 4 destroyers
›› Development of nuclear grade zirconium materials
›› Niobium tungsten oxide may help develop safer and faster rechargeable batteries
›› Some thoughts on tantalum niobium industry in China
›› China's 3D printed spherical tantalum powder is leading the world
›› Tantalum powder, tantalum wire business future growth tends to smooth
›› Performance analysis of titanium alloy material
›› International aviation titanium alloy market situation
›› Metal and glass materials for aerospace were introduced
›› Titanium powder manufacturing equipment next month in ning adjustment of titanium alloy stent is expected to reduce prices
›› Molybdenum chemical industry consumption growth drives molybdenum demand
›› The development of nuclear power boosts the demand of molybdenum alloy steel
›› The trial-manufacture of complex titanium alloy parts was successful
›› SLM 3D printing titanium alloy complex parts weighing up to 21 kg were born in kunming university of technology
›› Niobium industry report for 2018
›› Scientists have found that niobium tungsten oxide batteries could be fully charged in minutes
›› High temperature alloy
›› China reveals world's largest military warplane 3D printed titanium alloy parts
›› The aircraft manufacturing industry has boosted demand for titanium
›› The boom in aviation has boosted demand for high-end titanium
›› General situation of domestic application of medical titanium alloy
›› The market demand for medical titanium alloy implants is strong
›› Titanium alloy machining and tool design
›› TC4 titanium alloy sheet from the production of cost reduction method
›› Why did Soviet nuclear submarines prefer to use titanium as a pressure-resistant shell? What are the advantages? Pressure resistance, of course
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