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Restrictions on titanium development

The application of metal titanium and its compounds and alloys is becoming more and more extensive. However, the extraction technology of metal titanium currently adopts vacuum furnace smelting technology, vacuum induction furnace smelting technology, plasma induction furnace vacuum furnace smelting including vacuum casting, which is difficult to produce. One of the basic methods for melting, rare and active metals is one of the modern technologies for obtaining high-purity and high-quality metal materials. and electron beam furnaces.

Vacuum induction furnace is mainly used for smelting high-temperature and precision alloys. It can cast ingots or cast castings. It can also provide remelted ingots for vacuum electric arc furnaces, and is often used for remelting and recycling waste titanium. There are complete sets and serialized products of vacuum induction furnace. Furnaces above 1 ton can continuously melt without breaking the vacuum. In the smelting furnace using vacuum technology, the consumable electrode electric arc furnace has high requirements on the quality of electrodes and high requirements on raw materials; electron beam furnaces and plasma furnaces require high power supply and relatively high costs.

However, regardless of the smelting method, the efficiency still needs to be improved, and it is urgent to solve the problem of environmental pollution during the smelting process. It is impossible to obtain titanium compounds and titanium alloys with uniform and accurate components and low impurity content. At the same time, titanium alloy ingots Billet forging, rolling and extrusion technology also needs to be perfected.
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