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The history of NORTH ALLOYS can be traced back to 1983, when the company owns only one plant, twenty staff and an output of one million. Now it has become one of the leading companies in field of immiscible metals processing with five plants in China, two national level laboratories and established cooperation with universities for R&D of alloy for military use. The products are widely used on armor, nuclear reactor, chemicals, seawater desalination, petrochemical, electronics, electronics, etc.

During our 20 years of development, we devote ourselves in developing new products and technology, turning impossible to possible. Our advantage lies in our rich metal sources in China, skilled research staff and low production cost.

Military technology ensures the quality of our products. By our persistent hardworking, the technology is now widely used in industrial and civil products.

Our goal: Find Better Metal for Better Future.

Find Better Metal for Better Future
About Us
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