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Quality & Service

Quality & Service

If you are not quite sure about what you need, just advise your requirement such as chemical composition, mechanical properties or the final application information, and our engineer will suggest the best material to match up with your needs.

All the products shipped out from NORTH ALLOYS will be taken along with complete and true Quality Certificate with transparent parameters.
All the details shown on the paper is analyzed and measured in laboratory and the serial number can be tailored.

Our advanced technics and efficient working will bring up the most competitive price for your enquiries and orders.

Delivery & Transportation
On time delivery is one of the most important commitments in NORTH ALLOYS. Even that NORTH ALLOYS will make all efforts to effect shipment before the deadline approached.

Small orders by courier, bigger ones by airfreight and large orders by sea are all available. NORTH ALLOYS has lots of experience in planning and arranging the most cost-effective routine for saving your account.

Technical Consultation
NORTH ALLOYS is always ready to give feedback of your questions, from the basic knowledge to final application. Do not hesitate to contact

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Quality & Service
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