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Our Commitments

To Customers
Our goal is to be the world's most competitive company in our devised markets; we will achieve this goal by close working with our customers.  

Our success are based on our customer's success, products with competitive price and stable quality are what they need. We deliver the value dedicate to customer's success.

To employees
Employees are the cornerstone of NORTH ALLOYS success; we provide each of our employees a fair opportunity to receive training, promotion and well designed welfare.

To Society
We understand our responsibility to the community where we operation and the whole society, we encourage our employees to take active roles in their communities. We contribute our success to our commitment to protect the environment.

We are working to be a "Green NORTH ALLOYS”, we maintain the high environmental, healthy and safety standards in our operation sites.

ISO 9002
NORTH ALLOYS metal has received the ISO 9002 certification for high production standards.

Our emphasis on quality and competitive pricing has made us a favored provider of metal products to company in many countries around the world.

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