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Global Recruitment
NORTH ALLOYS COMPANY (NAC) is seeking energetic and motivated persons in the world who have gained valuable experiences with excellent talents and creativity. NAC recruits both international students with ability to use business level Chinese and Chinese students with experiences abroad.
NAC is sure to give you great opportunities in a variety of professional fields. If you are interested in working at NAC, please feel free to contact us by email at
Job Fields & Requirements
Job Fields
›› Plant (Production) management
›› Plant (Production) engineering
›› Research and technology development in various fields
›› Information system development
›› Patent management
›› Clinical development (Pharmaceutical area)
›› Sales and marketing
›› General affairs and legal
›› Accounting and finance
›› Human resources
›› Purchasing
›› Logistics
For technology-related posts
Undergraduates or higher in one of the following majors
* R&TD posts in any fields requires post graduates
 Chemistry  Material Science  Physics
 Chemical Engineering  Mechanical Engineering  Electric/Electronics Engineering
 Computer Science  Computer Information System  Information Technology
 Computer Engineering    
For business-related posts
Undergraduates or higher in all BA/MA (such as Law, Economics, Business administration, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Logistics, International relations and Liberal arts)
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Email: sales@northalloys.com
We look forward to hearing from you.
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