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NORTH ALLOYS and E-Business
E-business is of great importance to the NORTH ALLOYS: The electronic performance of business processes is regarded as a decisive success factor.

Virtual commerce continues to grow in significance in today's globalized world, and e-business opens up new perspectives above and beyond communication. It guarantees customers competent advice, transparent, secure communication processes and information available at anytime, anywhere in the world. This increases the efficiency of business relationships. Both for our customers and for NORTH ALLOYS, this means: Faster, more cost-efficient value-added processes.

As early as 2001 a unit was founded within the NORTH ALLOYS Information Services department exclusively dedicated to the topic of e-business. E-Marketing and more than anything the development of an optimum e-business strategy are all promising measures for success taken above and beyond the level of the pure transaction.

The e-business team supports customers worldwide with current trends and innovative technologies in the context of e-business. In this way companies can standardize business processes of increasing complexity quickly and flexibly and can react to new developments: An important investment in the long-term satisfaction and retention of the customer.

The rusults for 2008 already demonstrate how successful e-business has become at NORTH ALLOYS. This makes the NORTH ALLOYS the world's leading metal company in the area of e-business as well.
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