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Application of Titanium in Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is an important industry related to people's physical and mental health, including pharmaceuticals, medical machinery, sanitary materials and other fields, and occupies an important position in the national economy. Titanium is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry because it is non-toxic and harmless, and has good compatibility with the human body.

In pharmaceutical production, since the production of pharmaceuticals is inseparable from acids, alkalis, and salts, pharmaceutical equipment is easily damaged by corrosion. The use of steel equipment not only cannot solve the problem of serious equipment corrosion, but also causes a lot of manpower, material and financial losses, affecting normal production. The use of titanium equipment is a good solution to this problem.

In the production of several major commonly used drugs, equipment made of titanium has good corrosion resistance and has achieved considerable economic benefits.

1. Vitamin B1 production
In my country, the hydrogen chloride conversion method is often used to produce vitamin B1, and the finished product is cyclone-dried and separated by two cyclones. The medium is thiamine hydrochloride, the pH value is 2.5, the temperature is 110°C, and it is highly corrosive. The original drying device was made of stainless steel. After more than one year of use, the inner wall was corroded and perforated, and the medicine was seriously polluted.

After adopting titanium screw feeder, cyclone separator, vortex body, hopper, discharge pipe and exhaust box titanium lining, the production qualification rate of vitamin B1 increased from the highest 95% to 100%, and the equipment has been used for more than 7 years without corrosion , The cost of titanium can be recovered within 3 months.

2. Vitamin C production
Vitamin C is made from sorbitol, which is fermented into sorbose by black vinegar bacteria, and then fermented by Pseudomonas bacteria to obtain low-concentration gulonic acid, which is concentrated and converted into finished product by hydrogen chloride.

Titanium is very resistant to corrosion in high temperature cologne. In the production process of this product, a titanium shell and tube heat exchanger, a titanium DHC-500 butterfly subsidence automatic slag discharge centrifuge, and a TC4 cast impeller are used, and no corrosion has been found after many years of use.

3. Production of antibiotics
The main raw material for the chemical synthesis of chloramphenicol (an antibiotic) is methyl dichloroacetate, which contains about 2% chlorinated alkenes and trichloroethylene. If the refining process uses steel equipment, it is prone to severe corrosion, and titanium is used instead. The equipment has remained intact since its manufacture.

4. Production of anesthetics
Procaine hydrochloride used in local anesthesia is produced with p-nitrotoluene as raw material. It is highly corrosive in the whole production process of oxidation to p-nitrobenzoic acid, acetic acid washing, and mother liquor recovery. Therefore, the production equipment The inner cylinder of titanium steel composite plate, titanium bubbling tube, glacial acetic acid circulation condenser and vapor-liquid separator are used to solve the corrosion problem.

5. Production of anthelmintics and other medicines
Ascarisin (tetramisole) is a high-efficiency intestinal nematode anthelmintic drug. In the production of this product, stainless steel equipment was originally used, but the product was polluted due to corrosion. The corrosion problem was successfully solved by using titanium as the feeding pipe and pump inlet pipe.

Nichlorophene is a special veterinary drug for treating Fasciola hepatica, which is produced with sulfuric acid, nitric acid, glacial acetic acid and chlorine-containing solution. The agitator for the chemical tank made of titanium is used, and it has been operating normally so far. In addition, active carbon decolorization is widely used in pharmaceutical production. After changing the stainless steel suction filter to titanium suction filter, it is still intact after 9 years of use.

In the production of brominated amino acids abroad, titanium reactors are used in the processes of bromination, separation, salting out, extraction, and distillation. In my country, quinoline derivatives are used to prepare malaria drugs, anti-schistosomiasis drugs exposed to chloride ions, contraceptives, rheumatism drugs, etc. It is also necessary to use titanium equipment. Others such as penicillin esterification kettles, saccharification tanks, chloramphenicol thin film evaporators, analgin reactors, Metol filters, dimethyl sulfate coolers, liquid medicine filters, etc., are all made of titanium. and necessity.
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