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The purpose of using coatings in stamping and forming of titanium plates

The forming process of titanium plate is similar to other materials. When necessary, paint and lubricant should be applied to certain parts of the mold on the surface of wool and preforms to reduce friction between parts and tools, reduce scratches, and improve product quality. Extend tool life. Especially in thermoforming, the coating not only relieves the severe friction between the part and the mold at high temperature, but also protects the surface of the part, avoids and reduces oxidation.

To sum up, the purpose of using coatings for stamping and forming of titanium plates is:
1. Improve the surface quality of parts;
2. Protect titanium parts from oxidation;
3. Reduce the pressure required for forming;
4. Extend the life of the mold;
5. Control the flow of material during deformation.

Coatings should generally have the following properties:
1. Good anti-corrosion performance, no harmful ingredients, no pollution to materials;
2. It has certain cohesiveness and is easy to coat;
3. With sufficient strength, the coating is not easily damaged during use;
4. Good lubrication performance;
5. Easy to remove;
6. It is harmless to the health of operators;
7. Low cost.

Therefore, the coatings for forming by titanium alloy plate manufacturers can be divided into two categories according to different conditions of use, namely coatings for normal temperature forming (cold forming) and coatings for high temperature forming.
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