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How to measure the diameter of titanium rod correctly

Titanium alloys in titanium alloy rods can be divided into three categories according to the composition of phases: α alloys, (α+β) alloys and β alloys, which are represented by TA, TC, and TB in China. The diameter gauge can be installed at the exit of the forging machine, and the straightness gauge can be installed behind the straightening machine.

Titanium rod manufacturers take the detection of φ30-200mm titanium rods as an example. For titanium rods with a diameter not greater than φ50mm, use a single probe for measurement, and for titanium rods with an outer diameter greater than φ50-φ200mm, use double probes. The transmitting lens and receiving lens of the double measuring head are installed on the linear guide slide table driven by the servo motor. The distance between the measuring heads can be automatically adjusted according to the specifications of the titanium rod, and the measurement accuracy after adjustment remains unchanged. The caliper system is mainly composed of a caliper and a control system. The control system includes control cabinet, industrial computer, display, sound and light alarm and so on. Due to the high temperature of the titanium rod, there are other components such as a high-pressure centrifugal fan and an air filter device to cool the inside of the caliper by blowing air.

The caliper is installed at the outlet of the forging machine. When the titanium rod is rotated and pulled out of the forging machine, the caliper measures the outer diameter of the titanium rod. When the outer diameter of the titanium rod exceeds the set tolerance range, the sound and light alarm will automatically sound and light alarm.

When the diameter of the titanium rod is not greater than 50mm, use a single probe in the middle to measure the outer diameter of the titanium rod; when the diameter of the titanium rod is greater than 50mm, use the double probe with adjustable spacing to measure. As the diameter of the forged titanium rod decreases, the spacing dimension of the probe needs to be adjusted.

The diameter measuring instrument can detect the diameter and straightness, and complete the size detection of titanium rods with a large span range through the combination of the probe, with high measurement accuracy.

In addition to diameter measurement, a straightness measuring instrument can also be installed to detect straightness dimensions online and achieve high-quality production.
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