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How does the shrinkage behavior of the titanium tube change?

Titanium tubes are similar to other metals. The shrinkage behavior of titanium tubes also undergoes changes from liquid to solidified and then to solid during casting. This shrinkage behavior is usually divided into volume shrinkage and linear shrinkage. The volume shrinkage reflects the change of the entire volume during the casting process of the titanium tube. Since the total volume shrinkage is equal to the volume of the concentrated shrinkage cavity of the casting plus the volume of the shrinkage porosity, the solidification shrinkage behavior of the alloy casting process is related to the volume shrinkage of the alloy. Determine the shrinkage cavity and shrinkage defect characteristics of titanium alloy, which is of great significance for understanding the formation of shrinkage cavity and shrinkage defects in titanium tubes.

Important factors affecting the solidification shrinkage of titanium tubes include alloying elements, mold materials and mold structures. Since the alloying elements will affect the crystallization temperature interval of the titanium tube, just as it affects the fluidity, the solidification shrinkage of the titanium tube depends first on the characteristics of the added alloying elements, that is, the crystallization temperature formed between titanium and the alloying elements depends on the size of the interval. Eutectic titanium tubes with narrow crystallization temperature intervals have good fluidity and are prone to form concentrated shrinkage cavities, while titanium tubes with wide crystallization temperature intervals have poor fluidity and are prone to form dispersed shrinkage cavities, that is, shrinkage porosity.

Because titanium tube has a series of good physical properties, as an excellent structural material, it can compete with stainless steel and nickel alloys for application scope: in many sectors of the national economy, due to the use of titanium tubes, product life is improved and the The reliability and productivity of the equipment, the speeding up of the process and the improvement of working conditions all resulted in significant economic benefits.
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