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High specific gravity tungsten alloy dumbbell made of tungsten nickel iron alloy

Tungsten-nickel-iron alloy is the main material for manufacturing high specific gravity tungsten alloy dumbbells. Among them, the content of tungsten is the largest, reaching 80%~90%, while nickel and iron play the role of binder. After liquid phase sintering, a two-phase alloy is formed with a density close to the theoretical density. Nickel is an essential element in the liquid phase sintering process, and the general content is 0.5% to 12%. If it is greater than 12%, the heat resistance and corrosion resistance of the alloy will be reduced. The content of iron is generally between 0.5% and 8%. If it is greater than 8%, the brittleness of the alloy will increase. Iron can improve strength and plasticity in this alloy, and this kind of alloy has certain magnetic properties. Because the alloy achieves full density between metals through the sintering process, its density can reach 18.6g/cm^3, which is an important material for counterweight products. Compared with the tungsten-nickel-copper alloy, the strength and plasticity of the alloy are superior. Tungsten-nickel-iron alloy has excellent physical and mechanical properties, including high density, high strength, low expansion coefficient, corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance and good machinability, etc., and has been rapidly developed and widely used. It has certain magnetic properties, and its strength and plasticity are better than tungsten-nickel-copper alloys. Using this alloy to manufacture high specific gravity tungsten alloy dumbbells, on the one hand, high specific gravity tungsten alloy has high density and can meet certain weight requirements. On the other hand, the high specific gravity tungsten alloy material is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Dumbbells are often in contact with the air. In the season of high air humidity, the metal is easily oxidized. This characteristic of high specific gravity tungsten alloy can ensure the long-lasting luster of the dumbbell and greatly prolong the use of the dumbbell life.
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