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Tungsten alloy cell phone vibrator

The density of tungsten alloy is very high, the maximum density is 18.6g/cm3. High density can exhibit less volume than other materials for the same weight. And this kind of product needs a lot of weight and a small volume, such as mobile phone vibration, vibration parts of clocks, etc. Tungsten alloy materials just meet the needs of such products. Compared with other materials, tungsten alloy vibrator has the advantages of precise weight and non-magnetic, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Tungsten alloy mobile phone vibrator adopts advanced metal injection molding process. Metal injection molding process is a process in which metal powder mixed with thermoplastic substances (such as plastic or paraffin) is molded on an injection molding machine. A new type of powder metallurgy near-net-shape forming technology formed by the introduction of metal injection molding into the field of powder metallurgy. The basic process is as follows: firstly, the solid powder and organic binder are uniformly mixed, and after granulation, they are injected into the mold cavity by a spray molding machine in a heated and plasticized state (~150 ° C) to solidify and form, and then chemically or thermally. The method of decomposition removes the binder in the formed blank, and finally obtains the final product through sintering and densification. Compared with the traditional process, it has the characteristics of high precision, uniform structure, excellent performance and low production cost.
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