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Discussion on molybdenum rod production technology and implementation standards

Molybdenum bars are mainly used in iron and steel industry, most of which are directly used in steelmaking or cast iron after industrial molybdenum oxide is pressed, a small part of which is melted into ferro molybdenum, and then used in steelmaking after molybdenum foil. The molybdenum content in low alloy steel is less than 1%, but this aspect accounts for about 50% of total molybdenum consumption. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel can be improved by adding molybdenum. The strength and wear resistance of iron can be improved by adding molybdenum into cast iron. Nickel-based superalloy containing 18% mo has the characteristics of high melting point, low density and low thermal expansion coefficient, and is used in the manufacture of various high temperature components in aviation and aerospace. Molybdenum metal is widely used in electronic devices such as electron tubes, transistors and rectifiers. Molybdenum oxide and molybdate are excellent catalysts in chemical and petroleum industries. Used in aerospace and mechanical industries. Molybdenum is one of the essential trace elements in plants and is used as trace element fertilizer in agriculture.

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Material: Molybdenum(Mo)

Brand: MO1 MO2

Execution standard :GB/T, ASTMB and relevant national standard content ≥99.95%(large :99.99%) bar wire ring products according to customer requirements customized

Process: forging, rolling, drawing thickness (chamber meter) width (pen meter) length plate :0.5-1050-800 50-2000

Foil: 0.03-0.09 30-150 > 200 Sheet :0.1-0.5 30-400 30-1000
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