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Preparation of TZM-Re alloy materials based on molybdenum with different re-addition amounts

(1) Refinement of the amount of elements improves the performance, strength, attribute probability and mechanical properties of TZM alloy with addition. The elements can improve the strength and strength of TZM alloy, increase the amount and expand the ability, when the addition amount is 3~5%, there will be a small decrease; after the addition amount reaches 7%, the performance of TZM-Re alloy in all aspects Significantly increased;

(2) With the increase of the solid solution content of the element Re in the matrix Mo, the XRD pattern of the TZM-Re alloy gradually shifts to a high angle, which tends to form a super-strong and super-hard phase Mo3Re2. Therefore, the hardness of the TZMR-13 alloy is Significant increase;

(3) After adding the element, the increase of the second phase particles in the alloy is changed. With the amount of addition, the second phase particles with the smallest grain boundary size are reduced, and replaced by dispersed small particles. The effect of the second phase nails on the dislocations in the alloy is played little by little, which improves the performance of the TZM-Re alloy. Intensity and significant contribution;

(4) After the element and the matrix molybdenum are solid-solved, the rejuvenation of the alloy is restored, the dislocations are dislocated, the diffusion and enrichment in the alloy are reduced, the brittleness of the crystal boundary is reduced, the second phase is reduced, and the second phase is reduced. The ring of Re alloy has a positive meaning;

(5) The element to improve the strength of TZM-Re alloy is mainly due to two mechanisms of solid solution strengthening and coarse grain toughening through elongation. When the element is added by 3%, the strength and hardness of the alloy decrease slightly. The achievements in this year are caused by the increase in the grade rate in the alloy and the deterioration of the material's performance.
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