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Titanium metal art jewelry, "Couture" new fashion

Fine jewelry customization business is becoming more and more popular in China in recent years. Especially in recent years to the new material "titanium metal" discussion, practice and application, jewelry advanced custom designers are more enthusiastic.

In recent years, titanium metal with its superior characteristics, in the fine jewelry industry is often famous design masters and big name favor. In the collection circle, titanium metal art jewelry has been more and more celebrities and collectors treasure collection. Earlier, famous Australian actress Kate Blanchett dominated the 2018 Cannes film festival with a pair of Chopard orchid titanium earrings.

In the international auction, the international collectors of the auction, is to let the titanium metal art jewelry auction set a new record of transactions. In 2012, famous jewelry artist Cindy Chao's titanium art jewelry "reborn butterfly" was auctioned by Christie's in Geneva, Switzerland for only 90 seconds, and was collected by international collectors at a price of 6 million yuan, 5 times the estimated price.

"I'm still flying", a titanium jewelry work by Wallace Chan, a Chinese jewelry artist, was also auctioned at poly auction in Hong Kong for 5.9 million yuan.
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