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China has broken through the 3D printing technology of high-temperature resistant titanium alloy above 600℃, which will be applied to a certain type of aircraft

High temperature titanium alloy, with excellent thermal strength, high specific strength and good corrosion resistance, has become the first choice in aviation, aerospace, ship and other high-end equipment field of a new generation of high temperature resistant high-performance structural materials. However, due to the particularity of high temperature titanium alloy process performance and relatively high material cost, in the manufacturing of complex shapes and thin-walled special-shaped components, the use of the traditional process manufacturing has long manufacturing cycle, low material utilization and high manufacturing cost, so it is urgent to develop a new manufacturing process. In order to solve the above problems and meet the demand for 3D printing of high-performance structural materials, China has been carrying out a lot of technology research and development since 2017.

With laser deposition increases material technology in China (commonly known as metal powder laser 3 d printing) for high temperature titanium alloy material forming manufacturing, can achieve large complex structural components, low cost, fast overall forming greatly improve material utilization and save the mold cost at the same time, reduce the processing cycle, can very good to adapt to the field of high-end equipment requirements for fast response, intelligent manufacturing.
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