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The application of titanium in China

From the global application distribution of titanium, China's titanium in the aerospace industry about 20% of the application rate is still low, in the future in the aerospace industry will become the main application direction of titanium, especially high-end titanium, and high-end titanium to enterprises to bring more added value.

From the perspective of industrial chain, China is one of the few countries in the world with a complete titanium industry from ore processing to titanium material production.

(1) upstream resource industry, including ilmenite, rutile and other titanium mineral resources, as well as artificial rutile, titanium slag and titanium tetrachloride processed from ilmenite; (2) the middle reaches include the reduction or molten salt production of spongy titanium, and then the melting and casting of titanium ingots and titanium processing materials (forgings, billet plate pipeline wire, etc.), as well as the production of titanium dioxide (chemical industry) in a completely different industry;

(3) downstream application fields: the downstream of titanium parts include aerospace, petrochemical, Marine energy, nuclear power, automobile, sports medicine and other industries, while the downstream of titanium dioxide includes coating, paper, plastic, daily chemical and other industries. At present titanium dioxide is the highest degree of marketing titanium industry chain segmentation products.
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