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Boeing is using more titanium and carbon fibre materials in its aircraft

Titanium alloy is suitable for manufacturing automotive suspension spring and valve spring, valve. Plate springs made of titanium alloy reduce the dead weight by 20% compared with high-strength steels with tensile strength up to 2100MPa.Ti-13v-11c-3al and other alloys of titanium alloy spring are expected to be used in valve springs and suspension springs of automobile engines. The biggest difficulty of alloy application is high cost. Secondly, it is necessary to improve machinability, durability and surface treatment technology.

Timet automotive department introduced the latest application of titanium in the ferrari Challenge Stradale model. TImetaLLCB was selected for use in all suspension spring materials of this model. Titanium wheel bolts and titanium springs were used for the first time in the world. TImetaLLCB alloy can also be used for valve springs of high-performance racing cars, torque springs of snowfield cars and suspension springs of Volkswagen LuPo cars. Titanium valve springs can reduce weight by 34%, and titanium torque springs for snowfield cars can reduce weight by 30-50%. In the field of aerospace, bet-c (ti-3al-8v-6cr-4mo-4zr) titanium alloy has been used for more than 10 years. In addition, TC3, TC4, TB3 and other materials are also used in the research and production of titanium alloy springs.
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