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Application status of titanium alloy in Marine industry

Titanium has a strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance, in the sea water immersion 5 years will not rust, steel corrosion deterioration in the sea. Titanium alloy for the ship to make the shell, seawater can not corrode it, made of the submarine, both can resist seawater corrosion, and can resist deep pressure, its depth than stainless steel submarine increased by 80%.At the same time, titanium is not magnetic, can not be found by mine, has a good anti-monitoring effect. Generally, steel submarines can easily be damaged by water pressure after diving more than 300 meters. Titanium submarine diving depth of more than 300 meters not only will not be crushed, but also can effectively avoid the depth of the bomb attack, showing the "titanium submarine" unique charm and excellent performance. At present titanium is an irreplaceable material for deep sea ships. It can be seen that titanium used in the field of ships will become a new bright spot in the development of titanium industry. Russia made a titanium submarine as early as 1968.More than 30 years later, the all-titanium submarine is still cruising the oceans. From the mid-1960s, Russia successively produced 6 ~ 7 double-hulled high pressure "alpha" class all-titanium submarines, each of which used 3,000 tons of titanium. The alpha attack submarine has a maximum depth of 900 meters due to its advanced titanium alloy shell material. Japan is also one of the earliest countries in the world to engage in the application research of titanium in ships, and has accumulated a lot of experience in the application of civilian cruise ships and fishing boats. The jiaolong, a Chinese vessel, has fulfilled its dream of "going out into the ocean to catch turtles", displaying the excellent quality of titanium. Titanium metal has a wide range of applications in Marine engineering, especially suitable for light Marine engineering equipment, is one of the new key materials in the field of Marine engineering, therefore, the full use of Marine materials -- titanium and titanium alloy, will contribute to the development of national Marine strategy.
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