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High temperature titanium alloy for aero engines

High temperature titanium alloy is mainly used in the manufacture of aero-engine compressor blades, disks and casings, which require high specific strength, high temperature creep resistance, fatigue strength, endurance strength and microstructure stability under high temperature working conditions (300~600℃).With the increase of thrust-weight ratio of aero-engine, the working temperature of high temperature titanium alloy blade and disc increases continuously due to the increase of outlet temperature of high-pressure compressor. After decades of development, the maximum working temperature of high temperature titanium alloy with solid solution strengthening increased from 350℃ to 600℃.

TC4 and TC6 are mainly used in high temperature titanium alloy with operating temperature below 400℃ in China's aero-engine, which are used in fan blades with lower operating temperature and compressor 1st and 2nd stage blades.TC11, TA15 and TA7 alloy are high temperature titanium alloy working at about 500℃, among which TC11 is the largest titanium alloy used in aviation engines in China at present.

It is difficult to meet the requirements of creep resistance and strength in temperature environment above 600℃ for titanium alloy which is strengthened by solid solution alone.Ti3al-based alloy is a candidate material with great potential for use because of its high specific strength, specific stiffness, high creep resistance, excellent oxidation resistance and flame retardant properties. Among them, the working temperature of ti3al-based alloy is about 650℃ for a long time, while the working temperature of capital-based alloy is 760℃~800℃.
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