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The extraction process of titanium alloy is complex and the processing and welding technology requirements are very high

Titanium alloy is a very light material, its elasticity is small, strength, but also has a good performance of heat resistance, corrosion resistance. It is one of the important materials used to manufacture weapons and equipment. As a raw material of titanium alloy, the unit price of titanium metal is not high, but because of the complex extraction process needed to make titanium alloy, processing and welding technology requirements, it is difficult to mass production, so the price of titanium alloy has become more expensive. Titanium alloy, as one of the important materials in weapon manufacturing, is mainly used to manufacture parts of rockets, missiles and other weapons or engine and compressor parts. Not only that, it can be used to make delicate parts, and even submarines. However, due to the high cost of titanium alloy, technical requirements are difficult to achieve, so it has not been used on a large scale.

All countries in the world are trying to study the casting technology of titanium alloy, but the three countries with the highest achievements are the United States, Russia and China. The us leads the way, but because it does not produce much titanium domestically, it usually USES titanium alloys only where they are needed. Russia, for its part, is building on the experience of the Soviet union in building nuclear submarines out of titanium alloy. And China, as a late developing country in military science and technology, has not lost out to other military powers. According to records, China used nearly 20% titanium alloy in the manufacture of j-20 to increase the airframe's life.

Therefore, the high price of titanium alloy has its reasonable reasons. Perhaps as titanium alloy extraction and processing technology mature, manufacturing costs will be reduced, the price of titanium alloy will also be reduced. However, we all hope to see more application of titanium alloy in our military.
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