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Application progress of titanium alloy precision thermoforming technology in aerospace

With the development of aerospace technology, the titanium alloy in the field of aerospace, expanded the application scope of titanium alloy structure is becoming more and more large size, thin-walled curved surface, variable thickness and the trend of overall structure, further improve the performance of the aerospace craft, the structure rigidity, reduced the weight, titanium alloy precision forming technology is the research focus of aerospace manufacturing technology. Precision forming is refers to the parts close to or reached after forming parts precision forming technology, it is based on the new material, new equipment, new technology, and computer aided process design and technological achievements, on the basis of the development of the traditional forming technology, realize the high efficiency, high performance, low cost less WuYuLiang manufacturing technology, precision forming parts with high geometric accuracy and surface roughness, the appearance of precise and excellent mechanical properties. Titanium alloy precision forming technology is widely used in the field of aerospace. Its application can significantly improve the comprehensive performance and support capability of various types of combat aircraft, aircraft engines, strategic and tactical missiles, carrier rockets and other aerospace products. For precision forming technology in hot forming/diffusion bonding (including precision casting, speeding forming, precision spinning) and laser direct rapid forming technology progress carries on the analysis of application of these technologies can realize the near net shape manufacturing, material utilization rate is as high as 70% ~ 90%, has been in the field of aerospace highlights the broad prospects for development and good application value.
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