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The properties of ferromolybdenum

Ferro molybdenum is an amorphous metal additive in the production process. One of the main benefits of ferro-molybdenum alloys is their hardening properties, making steel extremely weldable. Ferro-molybdenum is one of the five metals with high melting point in the country. In addition, adding ferro - molybdenum alloys can improve corrosion resistance. The properties of ferromolybdenum make it a protective film over other metals, suitable for all kinds of products.

Production of ferro molybdenum

Most of the world's ferro molybdenum is supplied by China, the United States, Russia and Chile. The basic definition of the production process of ferromolybdenum is that first molybdenum is mined, and then molybdenum (vi) oxide MoO3 is converted into mixed oxides with iron and aluminum oxides, which are then reduced in the aluminothermic reaction. Electron beam smelting then purifies ferromolybdenum, or the product can be packaged as-is. Typically, ferro - molybdenum alloys are produced from fine powders, and ferro - molybdenum is usually shipped in shipping bags or steel drums.

Use of ferromolybdenum

Ferromolybdenum is most commonly used in the production of ferroalloys for use in machine tools and equipment, military equipment, oil refinery pipelines, load-bearing components and rotary drills, depending on the content and range of molybdenum. Ferro molybdenum is also used in cars, trucks, locomotives, ships and so on. In addition, ferromolybdenum is used in stainless steel and heat resistant by synthetic fuels and chemical plants, heat exchangers, generators, refining equipment, pumps, turbine tubes, ship propellers, plastics and acids, and storage containers employed in steel. Tool steel has a high percentage of ferro molybdenum in the range for high speed machined workpieces, cold working tools, drill bits, screwdrivers, dies, chisels, heavy castings, ball and rolling mills, rollers, cylinders, piston rings and large drill bits.
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