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Development of tungsten and molybdenum

Tungsten is an irreplaceable basic material and strategic resource for national economy and modern national defense. The cemented carbide made of tungsten has ultra-high hardness and excellent abrasion resistance. It is used in manufacturing various cutting tools, cutting tools, drilling tools and wear-resistant parts, and is known as "the tooth of industry". Molybdenum is mainly used in the iron and steel industry, most of which is directly used in steel making or cast iron after pressing molybdenum oxide in the industry, and a small part of which is smelted into ferromolybdenum and then used in steel making.

Data show that the world's proven reserves of tungsten are only 2.9 million tons, distributed in China, Canada, Russia and the United States, these four countries accounted for about 84%. China is rich in tungsten resources, accounting for about 60% of the world's proven reserves of tungsten mineral resources, ranking first in the world. China is rich in tungsten resources and has many types of deposits, but the industry is in chaos, with low product quality and serious homogenization. Despite years of mining order and rectification, China's tungsten mining industry still has a serious overexploitation problem. From January to November 2011, China's tungsten concentrate output reached 120,000 tons, up 14.06% year on year.

The global molybdenum reserves are about 8.6 million tons, and the global molybdenum resources are distributed in a highly unbalanced state, mainly in China, the United States and Chile, with reserves of more than 1.1 million tons. In 2010, the total output of molybdenum was 214,000 tons, up 12.8% year on year. China is the world's largest producer of molybdenum, accounting for 37.4% of global output in 2010.From January to November 2011, China's molybdenum concentrate output reached 216,000 tons, up 10.99% year-on-year.

In 2010, the non-ferrous metal industry earnestly implemented the guidelines and policies of the CPC central committee and the state council, actively implemented the "plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the non-ferrous metal industry," and the tungsten and molybdenum smelting industry gradually consolidated its production and sales to a good foundation, and achieved steady and rapid growth. Judging from the operation of 22 enterprises, China's tungsten and molybdenum smelting enterprises had a good development momentum in 2010, and the industry had a high profit level. With the rapid development of downstream tungsten and molybdenum smelting industry, its demand for tungsten and molybdenum smelting products will increase continuously, and the development prospect of the industry is good.
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