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The effect of molybdenum on living things

Molybdenum is not only an essential trace element for plant growth and development, but also an important element for plant nitrogen fixation. Nitrogen is the source of life, with nitrogen, plants become nutritious. However, plants do not absorb nitrogen directly from the air. They need chemical reactions to absorb and store it with the help of nitrogen-fixing bacteria. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria need a kind of catalyst called nitrogenase. Molybdenum is an important component of nitrogenase. Every year, the world's plants fix about 100 million tons of nitrogen, far more than man-made nitrogen fixation, thanks to molybdenum.

Not only do plants need molybdenum, but our bodies need it, too, in very small quantities. Adults only have about nine milligrams of molybdenum, and it's scattered throughout the body. Still, we are very sensitive to molybdenum. Molybdenum, for example, is associated with the color of our hair, because it tends to color it reddish brown. For example, our mood is also easily affected by molybdenum. With molybdenum, we are energetic, energetic, lacking or lacking it. Why is molybdenum so powerful? The reason is that molybdenum is a component of two enzymes that play important roles in metabolism, xanthine oxidase and sulfite oxidase. These two enzymes are only active in the presence of molybdenum, and without molybdenum they lose their activity and do not act as catalysts.

As molybdenum is widely found in food, wheat, beans, pork, milk and honey all contain molybdenum, and the demand for molybdenum is not high, so we generally do not lack for molybdenum. If the body intake of excess molybdenum, but can cause metal poisoning.
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