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The development of titanium welded tubes in China

Began in the early days after foundation of titanium is used only for military industry in China, belongs to the national strategy to control material, until the 70 s in the civilian industry used in the field of chemical industry of titanium, so far has a history of more than 40 years, titanium as a kind of excellent corrosion resistant structure materials, has established its irreplaceable position, and as the ideal to transport corrosive medium chemical material, titanium welded pipe are also increasingly cause the attention of equipment and piping design personnel and use.

As is known to all, titanium welded pipe is often used in corrosive environment due to its excellent characteristics. When the liquid with corrosive medium flows through the titanium welded pipe, the corrosive medium will slightly erode the inner wall of the welded pipe. The corrosion degree of titanium welded pipe is different with the different medium and its concentration. Generally, the corrosion rate of high concentration medium in the same medium is greater than that of low concentration, the corrosion rate of boiling medium is greater than that of room temperature, the corrosion rate of halogen medium is greater than that of other salt solutions, and the corrosion rate of titanium material with high inner wall pressure under the same wall thickness and medium is greater than that of titanium material with low inner wall pressure.

Therefore, the service life of the titanium welded pipe mainly depends on the corrosive medium, service environment and bearing pressure.
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