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Application prospect of titanium nanomaterials in ship coatings

Nano-sized silica aggregates are amorphous white powders with a three-dimensional reticular structure on the surface. It has strong ultraviolet absorption and infrared reflection, and can improve the anti-aging performance of the coating. Nano titanium dioxide also has the effect of absorbing ultraviolet radiation, which can improve the aging resistance of the coating. They can be used as the main additives in the development of super weather resistant hull paints.

Marine antifouling coatings have been ship coatings performance are the most special one of the most difficult material, research technology, because the world is becoming more and more attention to the requirement of environmental protection, in a total ban on the use of organic tin antifouling agent to determine the timing of the deadline, develop new effective antifouling agent has become a national Marine paint researchers focus on the goal. With nanoscale antifouling agent, such as nano cuprous oxide, nano zinc oxide can be a effective way, or using microcapsule technology, use a kind of water soluble resin material to nano antifouling agent powder coated particles formation, then preparation in coatings, in practice, due to the effect of the water to dissolve microcapsule gradually, slowly and effectively release the antifouling agent in order to achieve stable long-term antifouling function.
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