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Tungsten alloy steel is the most important application for national defense

As an important non-renewable scarce strategic resource, the United States, Russia and other major countries have established strategic reserves of tungsten.

In the field of national defense, the main application of tungsten is to manufacture tungsten alloy steel. For example, tungsten-containing structural steel is the main type of steel used in the manufacture of modern weapons. Although the tungsten content in steel is only about 1%, its performance is greatly improved. For another example, the tungsten steel used to make gun barrel can effectively overcome its temper brittleness tendency and improve the strength and hardenability of steel; In addition, tungsten is the highest melting point of the metal, and wear resistance, can withstand high pressure, high thermal stress, is a common element of high-temperature alloys, high-temperature alloys used in aircraft engines, rocket nozzle and other key raw materials. At present, w - ag or w - cu materials are selected to manufacture the electromagnetic gun missile rails. In addition, tungsten-containing tool materials such as high-speed steel and cemented carbide are also widely used in the manufacturing and processing of weapons and aerospace equipment. According to relevant data, in China, the military demand for tungsten accounts for 11% of the total demand for tungsten, while in the United States, the military demand for tungsten accounts for 20%.
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