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2018 titanium industry overall recovery

In 2018, the titanium ore market showed the characteristics of high opening and low opening. The price in the first quarter was the highest for the whole year, and then slowly fell back, and the price at the end of the year was the lowest for the whole year. At the beginning of the first quarter, the decline trend of the titanium market at the end of 2017 was eased, and began to rebound slightly at the end of the first quarter, with a rebound range of 20~50 yuan/ton. In the second quarter, due to the rapid growth of supply, the price of titanium ore fell back, and the downward trend continued until the end of 2018.

At the end of 2018, the average titanium price was down about 150 yuan per ton from the start of the year, according to data from ruidao. In addition, compared with the previous two years, the titanium market in 2018 is another feature of the market volatility is small. According to data from ruidao, in 2016, the difference between the highest price and the lowest price of mainstream titanium ore was nearly 1000 yuan/ton, and in 2017 it was about 700 yuan/ton. In 2018, it will be about 250 yuan per ton, and the relatively stable price of raw materials is conducive to the healthy development of the industry.

From the perspective of supply and demand, both supply and demand of the titanium ore market increased in 2018. The growth rate of the supply side was higher than that of the demand side, and the titanium ore inventory increased significantly in 2018.From the perspective of supply structure, it is expected that the quantity of imported titanium ore in 2018 is basically the same as that in 2017, and the increase of supply mainly comes from the domestic sector. The domestic titanium ore growth mainly comes from sichuan and xinjiang. Among them, the yield of panzhihua region in sichuan was reduced due to environmental factors, but the affected degree in 2018 was obviously weaker than that in 2017.The increase in titanium production in the xinjiang region is due to the launch of new mining projects in 2018.According to the preliminary statistics of ruidao, the supply of titanium ore is about 5% higher than the demand in 2018.In the case of excess total supply, users have more freedom of choice, some low-quality imported titanium ore is difficult to obtain customer orders, and the market extrusion effect is obvious.
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