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We will encourage and support the economical and intensive development of tungsten resources and the recycling of waste tungstens

First, we will develop and popularize technologies for the development and comprehensive utilization of resources, vigorously develop the circular economy of tungsten resources, establish a long-term mechanism for resource conservation and comprehensive utilization, promote the construction of demonstration projects for the conservation and comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, and raise the level of comprehensive utilization of resources.

The second is to encourage and support the recycling of secondary tungsten resources, such as the recycling of old hard alloys, tungsten-base high-density alloys, tungsten materials and grinding materials.

Third, the utilization and disposal channels of tungsten slag should be opened up as soon as possible. We will accelerate the formulation and promulgation of technical specifications and relevant standards for pollution control in the utilization and disposal of waste residues from tungsten smelting, and improve supporting policies and measures to prevent and control pollution from tungsten smelting. We will encourage research and development of technologies for comprehensive utilization of tungsten slag, speed up the application and approval of qualified enterprises for utilization and disposal of tungsten slag, open up channels for utilization and disposal as soon as possible, and realize the reduction, recycling and harmless use of tungsten slag.
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