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China's tungsten industry facing challenges

China's tungsten industry is in a critical period of high quality development. As the overall price of tungsten concentrate has not yet recovered and stabilized to a reasonable level of mining costs, some tungsten mining enterprises are still losing money, and the profitability of tungsten enterprises is becoming more differentiated. Therefore, the sound foundation of the industrial economic situation needs to be further consolidated. At present, there are still many uncertain factors in the market, and enterprises still face many difficulties and challenges in production and operation.

The first is that the business environment faced by enterprises is still complex. On the one hand, with the deepening reform of "pipes", the change of government function and the continuous deepening of the reform of administrative examination and approval system and promote market access negative list, the implementation of the environmental protection tax and resource tax policy, red line drawn, and ecological protection of production safety and environmental protection laws and regulations for protection and reasonable development and utilization of tungsten resources constraint, safe environmental protection pressure. On the other hand, international environmental uncertainties are on the rise, global economic growth is under pressure, and tungsten exports are under increasing pressure.

Secondly, the resource crisis is imminent to replace tungsten mountain resources, tungsten mining technology and equipment research and development and renovation of arrears too much, mining and dressing mechanization, intelligence, digital level is low, high cost, low efficiency.

Third, alkali cooking slag, molybdenum removal slag and waste water treatment sludge generated by alkali decomposition in tungsten smelting process are classified as hazardous wastes, and pollution prevention and control of tungsten smelting and reduction, recycling and harmless utilization and disposal of tungsten slag are facing unprecedented pressure.

Fourth, the overall innovation capacity of the industry is not strong, the coordinated development of the industrial chain is not balanced, the concentration of the industry is low, the overall competitiveness of the industry is not strong, the structural contradiction of the industry is still prominent, the quality and efficiency of the development of the industry is not high.
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