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Molybdenum dynamics

Molybdenum is widely used in the production of various steel materials such as stainless steel. Molybdenum alloy also has broad application prospects in aerospace, machinery, metallurgy and other fields due to its excellent thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance. However, due to the shortcomings of molybdenum, such as low temperature brittleness, low strength, and poor ductility, it is difficult to further process molybdenum alloys, and its application is greatly limited. Over the years, my country's molybdenum industry has mainly produced primary products of molybdenum. Therefore, the development of molybdenum alloy materials with better performance and higher added value is of great significance for the development of my country's molybdenum industry. Starting from the actual needs of the project, Sun Jun's research group traced back to the difficulties of material preparation technology, and revealed the size effect characteristics and mechanism of strengthening and toughening of grains, intragranular and grain boundary particles in rare earth oxide-doped molybdenum alloys, and established a strong and tough A quantitative analytical model was developed, and a new idea of nano-doping strengthening and toughening was proposed. On this basis, the researchers developed a key technology for the preparation of nano-rare earth oxide-containing molybdenum alloys by molecular-level doped liquid phase mixing, which solved the problem of nano-agglomeration and non-agglomeration of rare earth oxides, internal molybdenum grains and grain boundaries. Uniform dispersion distribution and high-temperature stability of nano-ultrafine-grained structures are three key issues that restrict the development of this field. The strength, elongation and toughness of the molybdenum alloy prepared by them all exceed the best level of similar materials reported by international first-class companies. At the same time, the plastic-brittle transition temperature is significantly reduced, and the high-temperature recrystallization temperature and high-temperature strength and tensile ductility of the alloy are significantly improved. It is reported that the related technologies have achieved industrial-scale application, and the project also won the first prize of the 2012 Ministry of Education Technology Invention Award.
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