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Material properties of molybdenum

Molybdenum belongs to the family of refractory metals (also known as refractory metals). Refractory metals are metals with melting points higher than platinum (1772°C). In refractory metals, the binding energies of individual atoms are particularly high. Refractory metals have high melting points, low vapor pressures, high elastic modulus and good high temperature stability. Such metals also have typical characteristics of low thermal expansion coefficients and higher densities. Molybdenum is in the same group as tungsten on the periodic table, which means that the two metals have similar atomic structures and physical and chemical properties. Both molybdenum and tungsten also have excellent thermal conductivity. The difference is that molybdenum is also easily deformed at considerably lower temperatures, making it easier to machine than tungsten. Molybdenum has a very well-balanced variety of properties and is a veritable all-rounder.

By varying the type and amount of alloying elements added, and by using custom manufacturing processes, we can alter the properties of molybdenum metal and its alloys. Our special inclusion of carbides in TZM and MHC materials tunes the mechanical properties of molybdenum over all temperature ranges. The addition of oxides can increase the recrystallization temperature and creep resistance of molybdenum. Adding rhenium makes molybdenum ductile even at room temperature. The addition of copper increases thermal conductivity, but has no major effect on the thermal expansion coefficient.

Refractory metals generally have smaller thermal expansion coefficients and higher densities. The same goes for molybdenum. The material also has high thermal conductivity and low electrical resistivity. Molybdenum atoms have strong binding energies, and their elastic moduli are higher than many metals. The thermophysical properties of molybdenum vary with temperature.
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