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Classification and technology of hot extrusion of titanium alloy bar

The hot extrusion of titanium alloy bar is to squeeze powder enterprises with the increase of ambient temperature, so that the product can be fully densified. Hot extrusion allows precise control of material composition and internal structure of the alloy. Hot extrusion process can be divided into jacket hot extrusion and no jacket hot extrusion to obtain two different forms.

In the study of biological activity of titanium and titanium alloy powders, hot extrusion is often used to prevent oxidation of the products. At this point, the first good package, after pre-pumping and sealing, the powder or billet can be installed in the package through their own, put it as a development in the enterprise to reduce the extruder, the use of hot extrusion.

At this point, the coating material should have good thermoplastic, convenient source, low cost, easy to peel after hot extrusion, not with the material to form full gold. Mild steel or stainless steel plates are widely used.

The combination of forming, sintering and hot working is the first procedure of hot extrusion of titanium alloy bar, which can directly obtain a better mechanical system performance of the drill bit for products.

The second process is titanium alloy powder and molding titanium. After sintering, the sintered body is hot extruded (at 1000-1100℃ for ti-32Mo alloy) in order to obtain the performance of the titanium alloy. Effect of extrusion ratio on properties of titanium alloy. Titanium materials with a theoretical knowledge density of 98.6%-99.1% can be developed.

The third production process of titanium alloy bar is the extrusion process of filling blank, which is an important research method directly used in the production of products with complex structure and cross section. The main contents of the process research include: packing. Put the powder into the cavity and shake solid by vibration; Evacuation, venting and sealing of the casing; Prepare the packing cavity, and the cavity size according to the required data information technology may eventually lead to different size of the product enterprise plus extrusion coefficient can be determined by analysis; In a certain temperature and extrusion ratio under the continuous improvement of social extrusion; Peel the package.
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