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Study on dynamic constitutive relation of tungsten carbide alloy

Tungsten carbide alloy has many advantages, such as high strength, high density and good wear resistance, which has attracted extensive attention of researchers in the field of kinetic energy penetration. Tungsten carbide alloy is often subjected to high temperature, high pressure and high strain rate under penetration condition, and its dynamic mechanical properties will affect the failure mode and service performance. Therefore, it is of great significance to study the dynamic mechanical properties and constitutive relationship of tungsten carbide alloy.

In recent years, the dynamic mechanical properties of tungsten carbide alloys have attracted widespread attention from foreign scholars. Grady et al. [2] studied the dynamic mechanical properties of 14.5mm armor projectile core material WC-Ni alloy, and its crushing strength reached 3.6 GPa, while that of general Co containing tungsten carbide alloy was 2.8 GPa. K.Herlaar et al. [3] studied the impact response law of WC-Co alloy in the speed range of 198 ~875 m/s, obtained its state equation, and studied the elastic limit, yield strength and crushing strength. 800 ~ 1 400 were studied in China M/s speed tungsten carbide alloy rod penetration semi-infinite steel penetration characteristics of target, the tungsten carbide alloy rod quality loss with the change rule of penetration time, but most of the research is focused on the tungsten carbide alloy process and preparation, wear-resisting performance, etc., for the high strain rate under the dynamic mechanical properties and constitutive relation of the research is less.

A new type of tungsten carbide alloy was subjected to dynamic compression loading using the improved Hopkinson pressure bar test method. The stress-strain curves of the tungsten carbide alloy at strain rates from 200 s -' to 510 s -' were obtained, and the constitutive model parameters were obtained. The results show that with the increase of strain rate from 200 to 510 s', the maximum strain value increases from 0.008 to 0.026, but the peak stress is about 2.10 CPa. A one-dimensional elastic-brittle damage constitutive model was used to fit the experimental data, and the fitted curve was in good agreement with the experimental curve.
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