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Titanium industry will be a strong emerging industry

The engine of our plane is a titanium alloy with a high titanium content. For example, American combat aircraft sometimes contain about 70 to 90% of their total weight in titanium, and strategic bombers also contain about 40 to 50% in titanium. We drive BMW off-road luxury cars and other high-end cars, engines are made of titanium alloy, so that the value of the car doubled. A normal car can't afford titanium. It can be expected that with the technological upgrading of titanium smelting industry, energy saving and consumption reduction, ordinary car engines can also afford titanium with the price drop in the future. Cars with titanium engines still perform well after running more than 1,000 kilometers. It can be foreseen that the car engine containing titanium is not far away from ordinary people.

More than 99.6% of pure titanium is used in medical machinery and other fields, and pure titanium products, titanium teeth, titanium bones are known, because titanium and human bones are basically the same in terms of compatibility and weight ratio. And pure titanium in the human body is not corrosive, is the best choice for artificial bone. Titanium is used in many fields that people are most concerned about, such as titanium cue, titanium bicycle produced abroad, titanium sheet roof, titanium kitchen appliances, senior watch shell, TV, audio, camera parts, titanium in the civil field is expanding.

The outer sheath of the electrode is a titanium cladding with more titanium. It is because of this cladding that the metal iron or alloy in the middle will not rust. In addition to the above civilian titanium, titanium is playing an irreplaceable role in the development of human space, Europe's "artificial sun", the United States of the "moon project", China's future manned space and generic technology may invest as much as 360 ~ 900 billion yuan. It is also reported that the United States will invest 104 billion dollars to establish a permanent base on the moon and to develop and explore Mars around 2020, and there is a possibility that other countries will join in the investment. These do not include other countries' plans to explore the moon and Mars and other planets. This can also explain the increased use of titanium and other metals and rare metals.

The use of titanium for nuclear power is bound to increase. There are 442 nuclear power plants in the world, 106 in the United States and indicated to build dozens more, 57 in France, 27 in Britain, and thousands more in Russia, Japan and other countries than China. China's nuclear power supply is only about 2.3% of the total electricity supply, and China will build another 27 nuclear power plants before 2020, which may cost several hundred billion yuan. Among them, the amount of titanium is huge, including the amount of metal such as zirconium and hafnium.
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