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Application of titanium in automotive industry

Reducing fuel consumption and reducing harmful waste (CO2, NOx, etc.) emissions has become one of the main driving forces and directions of technological progress in the automotive industry. Research shows that lightweight is an effective measure to save fuel and reduce pollution. For every 10 percent reduction in vehicle quality, fuel consumption can be reduced by 8-10 percent and exhaust emissions reduced by 10 percent. In terms of driving, the acceleration performance of the car after lightweight is improved, and the vehicle control stability, noise and vibration are also improved. From the perspective of crash safety, after the lightweight of the car, the inertia in the collision is small and the braking distance is reduced.

The preferred way of automobile lightweight is to replace the traditional automobile materials (steel) with high specific strength lightweight materials, such as aluminum, magnesium, titanium, etc. In 2009, the global amount of titanium used in automobiles has reached 3,000 tons. Titanium has been used in racing cars for many years. At present, almost all racing cars use titanium. In Japan, the titanium used in cars has exceeded 600 tons.

The advantages of using titanium in automobiles include: less weight and lower fuel consumption; Improve power transmission effect, reduce noise; Reduce vibration, reduce component load; Improve durability and environmental protection.
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