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Origin and innovative development of titanium alloys

From a professional point of view, how much weight of titanium alloy screws is light, to see what kind of screw is used to make the comparison, so as to give a professional answer. Among all the chemical elements, titanium itself is relatively light, and screws made from it have ideal comprehensive performance. Even when other metals are added to make titanium screws, the weight error is not too great. Therefore, it is necessary to compare screws with other materials to understand how much lighter they are in terms of weight.

In the same type of screw, using titanium alloy or iron for production, in the process of testing the quality, generally will be 50 to 150 grams lighter. This is mainly because the mass of iron itself is too heavy, the screw made even after a series of deep processing procedures, it is impossible to reduce the original weight, so it will be heavier than the titanium alloy screw. However, titanium screws with synthetic metal are heavier than pure titanium screws.

In addition to comparison with common iron screws, copper screws, stainless steel screws, plastic screws used in daily use, under the same type, the weight of titanium alloy screws will be lighter. Because of the different brand production process, there may be some processing procedures before and after the reverse, will also cause the weight of the deviation. From a professional point of view, due to the synthetic metal ratio is not equal, screw weight difference is not small.
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