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Origin and innovative development of titanium alloys

Titanium alloy originated in the 1950s to 1960s, mainly developed into high temperature titanium alloy and structural titanium alloy two main directions.

High temperature titanium alloy is mainly used in the manufacture of aero-engine compressor disc and rotor blade because of its high strength at 400 ~ 600℃. High creep resistance is required for the manufacture of compressor disc parts, which are suitable for the use of two-state or mesh structures. The manufacture of compressor rotor blades requires high fatigue strength at room and high temperatures, so equiaxial structure should be adopted. Structural titanium alloy refers to the non - high temperature titanium alloy with certain mechanical properties. The histological types are α+β and metastable β. High strength and fracture toughness, good formability, can be strengthened by heat treatment.

When the time into the 1970s ~ 1980s, titanium alloy has been a rapid development. The scientists developed corrosion-resistant and high-strength titanium alloys that are used mainly in aircraft engine compressor parts, followed by structures for rockets, missiles and high-speed aircraft. The use temperature of heat-resistant titanium alloy is also increased from 400℃ to 600 ~ 650℃.

China began to develop titanium alloy in 1956, and began to produce titanium alloy TB2 on an industrial scale in 1960s.

But so far, titanium alloys still have problems, because the refining, melting and casting technology than the general metal materials regardless of cost or difficulty is much higher, so the main direction is still used in the aviation field. Therefore, the future development strategies of titanium alloys in various countries are divided into high and low levels. At the low level, the performance is unchanged and the cost is reduced; at the high level, the performance is increased and the cost is reduced. Realize the civilian use of titanium alloy.
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