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Why can molybdenum wire cut metal,what is the principle?

Wire cutting you must have heard of, but not necessarily seen it, it belongs to a kind of machine electrical processing, mainly used for mold, complex shape or fine structure and other products processing, the tool used in the cutting process is a thin line, relying on the discharge to produce thousands of degrees Celsius high temperature to melt the metal.

The process of cutting metal is as easy as cutting bean curd with a thread. It can be turned at any 360° while cutting, and can cut out processed products of any shape. Although the wire cutting machine was invented by the Soviet Union, China is the first country to apply it in industrial processing.

Wire cutting processing that hairlike thin line, is a kind of consumables made of molybdenum and other precious metals, wire cutting and fast wire (with molybdenum wire), slow wire (with copper wire).

Molybdenum wire can not only process all kinds of metal, but also widely used in winding wire core wire, lead wire, heating element, etc. Molybdenum wire has high precision requirements, low wire breakage rate, fast processing speed, and can realize stable and long time continuous processing.

Principle of wire cutting

When you see the line cutting processing, for a long time, I have always thought that molybdenum wire and workpiece are hard to meet, live was saw it, don't laugh, really think so, in fact, the real cutting principle with my imagination is one hundred and ninety-eight thousand li.

Wire cutting is the use of continuous moving fine metal wire as an electrode, on the workpiece pulse spark discharge etched metal, cutting and forming.

Popular said is this silk electricity, is constantly moving, discharge of workpiece, the heat of the moment of a few red, melt that part of the discharge or gasification, which cut out, note: not cut head, also not to produce high temperature to cut the wire itself, but the discharge, let the heat is generated, melting and corrosion.

The main component of molybdenum wire is molybdenum (Mo), the content is more than 99%, molybdenum mainly exists in the nature of molybdenite (MoS2).

Molybdenite in very long period of time are treated as graphite, this soft gray mineral, in the 18th century by schere molybdenite itself is not a kind of graphite, but some metal ore, he is also trying to restore the pure metal molybdenum, but did not reach the required temperature of the furnace, by sea gill's success after years of produce the silver metal molybdenum.

Molybdenum is a silvery white hard metal with a high melting point and good ductility. Its melting point can reach 2620°C and its boiling point is 4639°C. Among the naturally occurring elements, only tantalum, osmium, rhenium, tungsten and carbon have higher melting points than molybdenum, which can maintain a certain hardness even if it is burned red. And molybdenum is also very stable chemical properties, will not be hydrochloric acid, alkali corrosion.

The metal molybdenum is similar to tungsten in appearance, but it can be easily identified by its density, which is only half that of tungsten.

Is very stable under the normal temperature of the metal molybdenum, molybdenum rods in air heating, when the temperature will soon molybdenum oxide, generate yellow molybdenum trioxide (MoO3), with molybdenum oxide thickness is different, it will also present a riot of color, when the object and molybdenum friction, the particles in the air combustion will form molybdenum trioxide, molybdenum trioxide can be used in the production of important chemical products of molybdenum - ammonium molybdate, it is a manufacturing ceramic glazes, pigments and other raw material of molybdenum compounds.

Molybdenum is a rare metal on the earth, we are unfamiliar and familiar with it, it is closely related to our life, the application is very wide, it is used in the national defense industry in the strategic metal, is also an important nutritional element needed by plants and animals, or an important component of steel alloy.

The production of molybdenum in the world today, more than 80% for iron and steel smelting, mainly as a additive used in the production of alloy steel, steel can improve the strength of the alloy steel, toughness and wear resistance, etc., because of good mechanical stability, high ductility and is used for heating element (hang luminous tungsten wire hook in the bulb is molybdenum), extrusion die, metal processing tools, aviation aircraft parts, etc.

As a rare metal, molybdenum reserves in the world are mainly concentrated in a few countries such as China and Russia. Due to the good properties of alloy materials with molybdenum, it has become an indispensable material in military weapons and is used in the manufacturing of warships, tanks and other weapons, and has been listed as a strategic metal by various countries.

In addition, molybdenum disulfide is known as "senior solid lubricant", it is a good solid lubricant, because of its low friction coefficient, high yield strength, can be used in vacuum and various ultra-low temperature, high temperature, so it is widely used in gear, mold, nuclear industry and so on.

In the field of electrical and electronic, molybdenum has good resistance to high temperature and electrical conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient is low, is the ideal thread cutting electrode wire, can cut all kinds of steel and hard alloy, its discharge machining stability, can effectively improve the precision of processed products, 2 d (thickness thin layer) in several nanometers to dozens of nanometer molybdenum disulfide are likely to become the next generation of transistor material, replace silicon as the next generation of integrated circuit by use of materials.

Molybdenum become plant nutrient solution was also was found by accident, in New Zealand pastures of people found a special case, almost all the pasture grass withered and yellow no more alive, but a path through the pasture grass on both sides of the vibrant, after people's research found that this path is near a molybdenum workers path, molybdenum workers carry molybdenum powder will be scattered in this way, caused the path on the grass grow better, people blend in molybdenum powder in fertilizer in pastures, indeed as expected confirms this result.

The biological properties of molybdenum are also very important. It is not only a necessary trace element for plants, but also for animals and the human body. It can improve the immune function of the human body, but too high content will cause harm to the human body.

Molybdenum with its unique performance, it is not only the battlefield tough man, metal catalyst, or the nutrient liquid of life, molybdenum also proved that it is a versatile metal, with the application of more and more widely, there will be more functions to be developed, molybdenum in the society will play a greater role.
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