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Some thoughts on tantalum and niobium industry in China

In recent years, with the booming demand for computers, digital cameras, mobile phones and on-board electronic systems, tantalum demand is gradually coming out of the trough. Tantalum concentrate prices also returned to normal levels. In recent years, the world's total demand for tantalum is about 2,000 tons, while the demand for niobium is more than 20,000 tons. The main uses of tantalum are tantalum powder and tantalum wire for capacitors, which accounts for more than half of the total consumption. The main use of niobium is as iron and steel additive, its consumption accounts for nearly 90% of the total consumption; In 2000, the peak year of tantalum consumption, the total consumption of tantalum reached a record of 2235 tons. In 2001, the total consumption of tantalum dropped rapidly to 1562 tons. In 2004, the production of tantalum increased steadily to nearly 2000 tons. Niobium demand has been flat.

The development of tantalum smelting and processing industry is mainly restricted by the utilization of tantalum resources and the application of tantalum products. At present, the present situation of tantalum resources and the wide application of tantalum products make the development of tantalum smelting and processing industry in a contradiction between supply and demand. Since the 1990s, tantalum raw materials are always in short supply, and 70% of the world tantalum concentrate used in this field is still insufficient, resulting in the price of tantalum by 600%.Tantalum deposits are widely distributed in China, but most of them are of low grade and low utilization rate. In the 1990s, the tantalum industry in China developed rapidly, and the shortage of raw materials gradually exposed.

At present, the Tantalum-Niobium Consortium in China is a non-governmental organization organized spontaneously among enterprises to safeguard the overall interests of the industry, which plays an active role in protecting the overall interests of the industry. Today, with the rapid development of tantalum and niobium industry in China, it is very necessary to timely establish tantalum and niobium association to coordinate the relationship among enterprises internally, maintain the overall interests of the industry externally and assist the government to formulate the development plan of the industry.

Encourage collaboration between enterprises. Especially after the market fluctuations from 2000 to 2001, the raw material enterprises and smelting enterprises should be encouraged to establish a long-term mutually beneficial supply and demand relationship, sharing weal and woe, stand together through thick and thin, and enhance the overall anti-risk ability.

Encourage enterprises to go abroad, establish long-term and stable supply and demand relationship with foreign enterprises, and actively and steadily develop foreign tantalum and niobium resources. It is suggested that the relevant state departments should formulate policies to increase the support for the development of new technologies and new products in tantalum and niobium industry, support the export of tantalum and niobium high-tech products, and establish a tantalum and niobium new product development base and export base combining production, education and research. Due to the continuous progress of tantalum and niobium industry in China, the investment heat of tantalum and niobium industry in China has been heating up continuously since the second half of 1990s.In addition to the ningxia non-ferrous metal smelting, zhuzhou cemented carbide co., LTD., jiujiang non-ferrous metal smelting, chestnut no color metal industry company in guangxi and guangdong conghua tantalum niobium smelter this five old tantalum niobium backbone enterprise investment upgrade continuously, guangdong more roshan sapphire, guangdong post new lai fu jia, hengyang gold enterprises take up, become the tantalum niobium industry rising star. Even after the tantalum market turmoil in 2000-2001, there are still more than 10 enterprises in guangdong and jiangxi, and some investors are preparing to enter the tantalum and niobium industry. In 2005, there were more than 40 tantalum and niobium manufacturers in China.
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