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Zirconium alloy for nuclear power plants to be made in China

-- Shanghai university materials research institute, nuclear reactor key materials basic research laboratory

Zirconium alloys is a kind of cladding material for the core component of fuel element. At present, most of the zirconium materials used in nuclear power plants in China are imported, or heavily purchased from abroad for patents and production processes. A 1, 000-megawatt nuclear plant needs 20 tons of zirconium for its first reactor, and the fuel is replaced every 12 to 18 months. In order to meet the huge demand and break the foreign technology monopoly, the complete localization of zirconium alloy with its own brand is imminent.

Led by academician zhou bangxin, the nuclear reactor key materials foundation research laboratory of the institute of materials, Shanghai university, studied the problems of zirconium alloys in the service of nuclear power plants, understood the rules and mechanisms of the changes, and laid a theoretical and practical foundation for the early large-scale application of "made in China" zirconium alloys. The "critical basic research on zirconium alloys for heap" project, which was undertaken by the China institute of nuclear power research and design (cnri) as the responsible unit and Shanghai university as the main participant, and was led by academician zhou bangxin of Shanghai university as the chief scientist and a member of the project expert group, also won the second prize of the national science and technology progress award in 2012.
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