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Uses of molybdenum and various molybdenum products

Molybdenum is a chemical element, its chemical symbol is Mo, its atomic number is 42, and it is a gray transition metal. The pure metal of molybdenum is silvery white and very hard. Steel can be hardened by adding a small amount of molybdenum to it. Molybdenum is an important nutrient for plants and is found in some enzymes.Molybdenum-99, one of the radioactive isotopes of molybdenum, is used in the preparation of technetium -99 in hospitals.Technetium-99 is a radioactive isotope that can be used for internal organ imaging in patients.Molybdenum-99, used for this purpose, is usually absorbed with aluminum oxide and stored in relatively small containers.Technetium-99 is formed when molybdenum-99 decays and can be removed from the container and given to the patient as needed.

The density of molybdenum is 10.2 g/m3.Melting point is 2610 ℃.The boiling point of 5560 ℃.The valence is +2, +4 and +6, and the stable valence is +6.Molybdenum is a kind of transition molybdenum fine powder element, which is easy to change its oxidation state, and plays the role of electron transfer in the REDOX reaction in vivo. In the oxidized form, molybdenum is probably in a plus 6 state. Other oxidation states of molybdenum have been found in the reduced enzyme, although it is also likely to be first reduced to a +5 state during electron transfer. Molybdenum is the component of xanthine oxidase/dehydrogenase, aldehyde oxidase and sulfite oxidase, so it is known to be an essential trace element in human body, animal and plant.
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