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The third generation nuclear grade zirconium material has been successfully made in China

Reporters on March 6, understands from the nuclear zirconium, along with the recent national electricity haiyang nuclear power unit 1 end of the first overhaul, nuclear power produced by the nuclear zirconium three generation nuclear grade zirconium officially into the reactor, nuclear grade zirconium localization goals to achieve in our country, our country has long nuclear grade zirconium all imports of the situation was completely rewritten.

On April 30, 2017, the first furnace complete haiyang nuclear power plant nuclear zirconium refueling with AP1000 nuclear grade zirconium alloy tube rod production contract, the inspection work, haiyang refueling, 40 of shell and tube, the first furnace pipe run 6 batch, instrument pipe 1 2 batch batch, buffer tube, supporting tube 4 batch, bar 4 batch of cumulative 16 tons tube rod of a total of 57 batch production work successfully packaged. In January 2018, the acceptance and delivery of refueling products in the first furnace of haiyang nuclear power project was successfully completed.

China's nuclear zirconium industry party secretary, chairman wang set up, said that the haiyang nuclear power plant for the first time overhaul, the domestic production of AP1000 nuclear zirconium formally into the reactor, marking China's nuclear zirconium formally assumed the safety of nuclear power protection of the first major responsibility, China's nuclear zirconium domestic production of a solid step. This completely rewrote the situation that our country depended on the import of nuclear grade zirconium material for a long time, and broke the bottleneck of our country's nuclear power development for a long time.

It is understood that haiyang nuclear power C103, C203 refueling with nuclear grade zirconium material, is also in the country nuclear zirconium industry to step up production.
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