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Status of automotive titanium and titanium alloys

The countries that use the most titanium in their cars are the United States and Japan. First of all, the United States attaches great importance to the application of titanium in automobiles. The United States has produced titanium intake valves, exhaust valves, valve retainers, connecting rods and other components for race cars, and 50t of titanium is used annually in cars.1996 titanium in Las Vegas at the international association for exhibition shows the Timet made of pure titanium titanium auto exhaust system, Chrysler and GM company created the commercial pure titanium and exhaust system prototype, large-scale production assessment is ongoing: GM also in Timetal - 62 - s and Timetal - LCB shaft, and is considering the alloy into mass production. Another American high-performance car, the NSX Acura, also USES titanium linkages, an example of a mass-produced titanium for automotive linkages. Ford motor company has identified several titanium alloy components for automotive applications as ti-3a1-8v-6cr-4mo-4zr spring, ti-6a1-4v inlet valve and valve retainer, ti-6a1-2sn-4zr-2mo, and ti-6a1-2sn-4zr-2mo-0.1si exhaust valve. The titanium springs produced by the company around 1989 weighed a third as much as the equivalent steel springs and were smaller and more compact. Produced intake and exhaust valves can extend a car's mileage on a gallon by 3 to 4 percent. When the valve is combined with a titanium spring, the fuel consumption of the engine can be reduced.

A series of low-cost titanium alloys have been developed in the United States. For example, Timet and GM developed Timetal 62S(ti-6a1-2fe-0.1si) alloy to be used in automobile engine components, with better performance than ti-6a1-4v and 15% ~ 25% lower cost than ti-6a1-4v.Timetal crankxt, a titanium alloy newly developed by Timet for motorcycle and automobile Exhaust systems, is a ti-fe-si-o alloy. The highest mass fraction of alloy elements is 0.5% Fe.0.6% Si;0.15% O. The company produced 3.2t flat ingot by electron beam melting in one time, which was cold-rolled into strip coils with specifications of 1.65 ~ 0.91mm after hot rolling.
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