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Classification and manufacturing methods of titanium alloys

In terms of the naming of titanium alloy materials, the titanium alloy (including near-titanium alloy) in China is usually named after TA, the titanium alloy (including near-titanium alloy) is named after TB, and the two-phase mixed "+ titanium alloy is named after TC. For the two hybrid titanium alloys ti-6al-4v, which are widely used, the corresponding domestic brand is TC4.National standard GB/ t3620.1-2007 on the basis of the 1994 edition, 54 new grades were included and two grades were deleted, and the total number of grades of titanium and titanium alloy reached 76.Titanium alloy material types are rod, wire, plate, strip, forging and so on. After the recent three "five-year plan" material development, a new generation of aircraft backbone titanium alloy materials with Chinese characteristics has begun to take shape.Tc4-dt, a titanium alloy with medium strength and high damage tolerance independently developed in China, has the same nominal composition as TC4, but with reduced oxygen content and improved fracture toughness.Ti45Nb (wire), TA18 (pipe), TB8 (plate, wire, forging), TC21 (forging) and other new materials have also been well applied. Combined with the existing TC1/TC2 (plate), TC4 (forging, plate, wire) and ZTC4 casting titanium alloy, a complete trunk material system from low strength and high plasticity, medium strength and high plasticity, high strength and high plasticity, ultra-high strength titanium alloy and casting titanium alloy was formed.
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