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Researchers at Xi 'an Jiaotong University have cracked the riddle of the brittle niobium oxide core cubic metal

Body centered cubic metals has the advantages of high melting point radiation-hardened high strength, widely used in industry, however, the body centered cubic metal of trace of carbon and nitrogen oxygen is extremely sensitive, once in the process of preparation or service introduction a small amount of carbon and nitrogen oxygen can cause significant sclerosis and fragile change, but its mechanism has always been a fan of metal niobium, for example, as a kind of typical refractory metal, has a high melting point hot strong low density (compared with other refractory metal processing performance is good wait for an advantage, under the environment of high temperature has wide application prospect, is widely used for aerospace vehicle equipped with flame nozzle critical heated components. However, severe oxygen absorption at high temperature will lead to hardening embrittlement and oxidation of niobium, which brings great challenges to the application of niobium alloy.

Over the years, the researchers used a variety of methods to try to clarify the oxygen embrittlement mechanism of body centered cubic metal, but progress has been slow to deal with the problems, xi 'an jiaotong university institute of materials micro-nano center researchers will macroscopic mechanical behavior research method with the micro/nano scale in situ mechanical property analysis and atomic scale simulation effectively combined, systematically studied the solute atomic oxygen on the mechanical deformation behavior and the effect of niobium illuminates the solute atomic oxygen on the metal niobium midpoint defect together. Screw dislocation motion and permanent damage to the influence of the nucleation process, reveals the solute atoms of oxygen caused by metal niobium hardening and embrittlement of microscopic mechanism, build the metal niobium oxide crisp clear physical picture of the new researchers found that the oxygen embrittlement mechanism to clarify other body centered cubic refractory metal in the deformation and irradiation hardening and embrittlement behavior has important reference value.
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