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Advantages and applications of medical titanium alloy in medical device manufacturing

Medical titanium alloy medical instrument is the third generation of surgical instrument after carbon steel and stainless steel. Stainless steel instruments to improve rust performance, often through chromium plating, electropolishing and other surface treatment. But chromium is toxic, and peeling off the chromium layer can cause some effects on the human body.

Advantages of medical titanium alloy for medical devices:

1. Lightweight instruments, which can reduce the damage to blood vessels, muscles and organs during the operation, and reduce the fatigue of doctors. Medical titanium instruments are more suitable for fine microsurgery;

2, good corrosion resistance and non-toxic, the equipment does not rust, the wound is not easy to infection, wound healing quickly;

3. Moderate elasticity of medical titanium alloy, suitable for pliers, tweezers, micro-scalpel and other instruments;

4. When operating under shadowless lamp, medical titanium has weak reflective performance, which is more suitable than stainless steel;

Medical instruments made of titanium mainly include: scalpel, forceps, forceps, chest dilator, suture needle, suture line, etc. Medical titanium wire is used as surgical suture line. Compared with other materials (such as stainless steel wire), it has the advantages of small tissue response and good torsion resistance. After suturing, the wound is not easily inflamed and the suture site is not easily displaced. Generally, medical titanium wire (TA1 or TA2) with diameter of 0.5~0.8mm is used for suture line. In addition, the soft elasticity produced by titanium nickel wire can promote the rapid healing of wounds.

In addition, medical titanium alloy is also an important material for assisting rehabilitation equipment, such as making wheelchairs, crutches, splints, medical instruments and so on.
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