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Titanium alloy major

Titanium alloy major mainly focuses on titanium alloy materials for aircraft, engine and special/functional titanium alloy materials and special processes. Laboratory engaged in high strength, high intensity and high temperature titanium alloy materials and technology research, formed the titanium alloy smelting, forging, heat treatment, and a set of special technology, with completely independent intellectual property rights in recent twenty years in the high temperature titanium alloy, Ti - Al intermetallic compounds, flame retardant, high strength titanium alloy, titanium alloy, damage tolerance, ultra high strength titanium alloy titanium alloy and titanium alloy, high plasticity of SiC fiber reinforced titanium matrix composites, and other advanced materials and technology research has made significant achievements, cultivate a batch of including academy of sciences and national experts such as titanium alloy research and application of technical talent and strength. Craft materials and application technology is mainly engaged in TC4 titanium alloy, TC16, TC18, TC27, TB5, TB6, Ti55531, TC21, TC4 - DT, TB8, Ti45Nb and TA15 titanium alloy material development and application research, focus on composition optimization and large ingot casting titanium alloy smelting, large size bar preparation, organization and the uniformity of the forging stock control, large forging forming and heat treatment process, such as ultrasonic testing research work, Breakthrough in the control of high alloy ingot composition uniformity, bar and forgings structure and performance uniformity, forgings batch stability control and other key technologies, with a small batch of ingot and bar wire production capacity.

Engine and application technology of titanium alloy materials professional mainly for titanium alloy material under the working conditions of high temperature (300-650 ° C) has high specific strength, high temperature creep resistance, fatigue strength, rupture strength and the stability of the organization characteristics, main Ti60, Ti6246, Ti6242, blocking of 650 ℃ and Ti40 flame retardant titanium alloy titanium alloy forgings, die forging forming, heat treatment, NDT, mechanical processing, surface strengthening, such as applied research, break through forging microstructure uniformity control, parts machining and the key technology such as surface strengthening, To develop high quality titanium alloy forgings and key components for engines.

The specialty of special/functional titanium alloy and special technology is mainly engaged in the research of new type of titanium alloy material for fasteners, titanium alloy honeycomb material, new type of titanium alloy material for springs, ultra-low modulus functional titanium alloy material, SiC fiber reinforced titanium matrix composite material and its technology. The titanium matrix composite has high specific strength, high specific stiffness, good resistance to high temperature, creep and fatigue, and is an ideal lightweight structural material suitable for 600-800℃.
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